YMAA Western Mass Tai Chi & QiGong


"I've practiced Tai Chi several places as a complement to my other martial arts training. I was very glad to find this group! Because of time constraints, I've only been attending the "Level II" training, which offers a rich set of energy/power and partner exercises. This group has offered a great depth of insight in a context that is welcoming and accepting. A great find!"

/  Krista Gale  /

"This practice group is amazing! Jeff has a very deep working knowledge of Tai Chi and related forms and a rare ability to teach at every level with the same amount of interest and passion. Dvora brings the same qualities to the study of Qigong and the combination is really powerful! The environment is welcoming and supportive and I feel that I can explore the richness of this tradition at my own pace. At the same time there is always the sense that I can take it as far as I could possibly want to go. The students I've been practicing with are friendly and humble and the classes are fun!"

/  Brian anderson /

" My training at YMAA Western MA began in the fall of 2012 with Jeff Rosen. With a strong Taekwondo background I was curious how Tai Chi could complement my martial arts practice with its mix of health and healing and close-range martial principles. I cannot say enough about the high caliber martial arts instruction, or the supportive YMAA Tai Chi class community. There is something here for everyone: those who are hoping for health/healing, or martial training will find a great home at YMAA Western MA, and the good-humored and excellent instruction of Jeff, Dvora, and Terri is not to be missed!"

/  Juli Averill  /

"Jeff Rosen is by far an excellent, patient, and knowledgable teacher of yang style tai chi. we are very fortunate to have him in this area. And, actually, this goes for the whole group who study with him as well. everyone is very welcoming and great to work with. It is genuinely a great place with great people to train with."

/  Kevin germain  /

"A fun, curious, sincere group to play with. Friendly and welcoming. We follow the YMAA curriculum and emphasize softness. We practice in a beautiful space with large windows overlooking the river. And - the first week is free!"