YMAA Western Mass Tai Chi & QiGong
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Jeff Rosen, School Director

Jeff began his martial arts training in Shito-Ryu karate in 1980 and took up Tai Chi in 1982. He began his Tai Chi studies with Maurice Haltom at the Aquarian Age School of Health, Meditation and Self-Defense in Ithaca NY. Over the years, he trained with several different teachers, gaining exposure to a variety of Tai Chi styles. He began his training with Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming and the YMAA in Boston in 1991.  Jeff also studied with the Yin Style Bagua group of Northampton from 2004 to 2011.

Jeff is one of just 10 students worldwide to have achieved the rank of instructor in the YMAA Tai Chi system, having achieved that rank in 2001. Jeff taught Tai Chi and Push Hands classes in Boston until moving to Northampton in 2003. He opened the YMAA Western Mass branch school in March of 2009, finally freed up from the most time consuming aspects of parenting.

Jeff conducts the class in close accordance with the principles established by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. The central objective is deep mind body unification, achieved through an understanding that this is a lifelong pursuit, which is forever attainable and fleeting in equal parts. To this ethereal end, the course content is very practical, including trainings in meditation, chi kung, stretching, a Yang Style long form, pushing hands and applications. The seemingly disparate components of a traditional Tai Chi system reinforce each other, providing multiple pathways to deepening the mind body connection.

Visiting with Master Yang at YMAA Andover in 2018

Visiting with Master Yang at YMAA Andover in 2018

Jeff serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Solidago Foundation and held an adjunct faculty position in the Green MBA program at Antioch College from 2008-2015. Jeff is fortunate that Tai Chi is his passion and not his profession. This affords him a unique opportunity to teach with an open heart and a flexible style. The school encourages students, new and old, to make sure this is a valuable path for them, and to continually customize their training regimen to suit their needs.  He has lived in Northampton, MA since 2003.

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Dvora Eisenstein

Dvora Eisenstein has been a student of Master Yang Jwing-Ming for nearly 30 years and has been teaching for more than 15.  She has practiced yoga for 20 years and enjoys exploring Body-Mind Centering.  Her practice is focused on softness and centeredness.  Dvora also loves bee keeping, foraging for mushrooms and other wild edibles, living on the water for part of the year and her wonderful family!

Dvora teaches an amalgamated curriculum, based on her long experience and exploration.  The curriculum focuses on Tai Chi for Health and Relaxation during the first hour (Wednesday 10:00-11:00 and Thursday 3:30-4:30) and Qigong in the second hour (Wednesday 11:10-12:10 and Thursday 4:40-5:40) as well as offering in depth instruction during regular class times. Click here for additional classes and contact info: https://www.ymaawesternmass.com/dvora-schedule