Special Events

YMAA Western Mass is Pleased to Welcome Back Jonathan Chang and Michelle Lin to Northampton for Two Special Seminars on Thursday August 16th (pushed back from July date).  Jonathan recently graduated the 10-year residency program, and Michelle completed the five year residency program, at the YMAA retreat center.  This incredible accomplishment allows all of us to benefit from the hard work they have put in to this rigorous course of study, as both Jonathan and Michelle excel as both martial artist and humble teachers, generous in their willingness to share all they have learned:

Jonathan and Michelle will lead Tai Chi practitioners, versed in any style or form on a journey, exploring the four core energies as they surface throughout slow form practice, including

  1. Four energies in slow form sequence
  2. Four energies in martial theory
  3. Eight energy theory

Date: Thursday, August 16th
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00 pm

Deepen Your Push Hands Practice:  Four Basic Energy Training w/Partners: (Peng, Liu, Ji & An applied to Push Hands)

Of interest to all Tai Chi practitioners and martial artists interested in understanding the martial theory of Tai Chi in motion.  Practice to include:

  1. International Routine
  2. Peng, Liu, Ji & An in Free Play
  3. Basic Energies and Fa Jin Training

Date: Thursday, August 16th
Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Fees:  YMAA Current or Alumni Members $30 per seminar or $55 for both

Non-YMAA Members $35 per seminar or $65 for both




YMAA Western Mass Students had a great time at the first ever YMAA New England Summer Retreat:  Check out the FaceBook Link for Photos and Videos



YMAA Western Mass was Pleased to Welcome Jonathan Chang and Michelle Lin to Northampton for Two Special Seminars – They Were Awesome!  We look forward to seeing them back next Summer:

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