Still working on the bumper sticker slogan, but at YMAA Western Mass, our tagline is, ‘We take our training seriously, but not our selves.”

In practice this means we train in an informal, collegial spirit.  If you can’t make it for the start of class, come when you can.  If you need to leave early, feel free to do so.  Anyone who has gone through the effort of carving out time for this practice is welcome to join.  In Tai Chi, like any other art, you get out what you put in.  But, you are welcome to select your own level of engagement.

You can train in barefeet, or flat shoes dedicated to training, that you don’t wear outdoors.

We have t-shirts that you are welcome to wear.  But, there is no uniform requirement.

Tai Chi is a humbling art.  Learning the art defies many of our western bred ideas about how learning takes place.  You can’t cram.  And, you can’t be lax.  You need to be present, but that is not easy.  So, we all set out on our own learning journey, at our own pace.

In the end we treat each other with respect, not reverence.  We respect the level of engagement we have individually chosen, and we do our best to mutually support one another to get the most out of the time we spend training together.